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Mission Statement

Our firm’s focus is on helping people who are concerned about the future and how a health crisis could wipe out everything they have worked hard to attain. From long-term care planning to Medicaid crisis planning to estate planning to Social Security disability, we have the expertise to help those who are in need and those who see a need on the horizon.

We have years of experience to make sure you and your family are protected.

We provide comprehensive estate planning for all of your needs.

We can help to maximize private assets and increase access to public benefits.

We can assist you with Medicaid eligibility while preserving your assets.

We will carefully evaluate your claim and advocate for the benefits you deserve.

Latest News
20May 19

Medicaid and the Risk of Gift Giving

Many seniors enjoy the opportunity to be generous to their children by gifting them monetarily. In certain circumstances, however, there is a real concern that people who may be in…

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